Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Discover the cutting-edge test equipment offered by 3SAE Technologies, designed to elevate your fiber optic projects to new heights of precision and reliability. Fiber optic engineers and fiber optic technicians can greatly benefit from 3SAE Technologies’ specialized fiber optic proof testers and NorthLab Photonics’ optical fiber interferometers, as these advanced tools provide accurate measurements, quality assurance, and streamlined testing processes.

Our fiber optic proof testers offer precise strength assessment, ensuring accurate and reliable testing of fiber optic splices. These tests allow engineers to gauge the strength and integrity of fiber optic cables, assemblies, and optical components. By identifying weak points and potential issues, they ensure the long-term durability of the optical assembly. Moreover, using our proof testers guarantees that fiber optic cables align with industry standards and specifications, which is essential for quality assurance and meeting both customer expectations and regulatory requirements. The automated features of our proof tester also enhance efficiency, streamlining the process and facilitating high-volume testing—this proves beneficial in both fiber optic production environments and installation projects. Catering to various fiber types and assemblies, our selection of fiber optic proof testers serves as an invaluable tool across different industries and applications.

NorthLab Photonics’ optical fiber interferometers offer precise measurements of fiber optic end faces and connector cleave angles, enabling manufacturing and R&D environments to accurately characterize their optical fibers and evaluate their performance. Additionally, the interferometer facilitates end-view inspection and 3D surface rendering. This advanced feature aids fiber optic development and manufacturing teams in fine-tuning fiber optic preparation processes for optimal termination results. For fiber optic manufacturers, this tool is indispensable, ensuring that their fiber optic products adhere to strict specifications and tolerances, which in turn guarantees consistent and reliable fiber performance across diverse applications.

3SAE Technologies’ fiber optic proof testers and NorthLab Photonics’ optical fiber interferometers provide access to advanced and specialized equipment for testing and characterizing optical fibers. These tools provide valuable data for quality assurance, research and development, and optimizing fiber optic performance, making them essential components in any photonics environment.