FITEL S185PM High-end Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicer for PMF and High Strength Splicing

The FITEL S185PM High-end Fusion Splicer is designed for high strength fusion splicing of standard and specialty fibers for factory, manufacturing and R&D applications. The compact but powerful design has been optimized for use in the optical component and optical sensor fields. By targeting the necessary functions in these applications, exceptional performance and a compact design are achieved with this High-end Fusion Splicer

Product Features:

  • Allows for High Strength Splicing
  • Low splice loss
  • Compact size
  • High capacity built-in battery (Optional)
  • LCD touch panel provides easy operation
  • Short fiber cleave length allows to use ultra mini sleeve
  • Remote control by Wi-Fi communication

Technical Specifications:

Applicable fibers*1SM, MM, DS, NZDS, High-Index, EDF, PMF
Cladding diameter80 to 150μm
Coating diameter160 to 1300μm (In Fiber holder) 160 to 900μm (Coating clamp splice)
Fiber cleave length3 to 5mm (Coating clamp splice) 8 to 11mm (Cladding clamp splice)
Typical splice loss*2SM(ITU-T G652): 0.014dB
Typical extinction ratio*2PANDA: -36.8dB*3 (Angle offset: 0.6degree)
Return loss>60dB
Typical splice time*415s (SM by cladding clamp splice) 40s (PANDA by cladding clamp splice)
Tension strength1.96N (+0% to +20%)
Protection sleeve length10 to 60mm
Typical heat time35s (S922:40mm sleeve)
Splice programsMax.200
Heater programsMax.100
Splice data storageMax. 1000 including 4 images before and after splice
Fiber image magnification on LCD104X, 278X or 556X
Dimension210W x 180D x 150H mm
Weight (without Battery)4.75kg
Monitor4.3” wide color LCD with touch panel
Data outputUSB ver. 2.0 type A: 1 port USB ver. 2.0 mini B: 1 port
Battery capacity (Optional)*5Typical 60 splice / heat cycles
Operating temperature0 to 40°C
Storage temperature-40 to 60°C
Humidity0 to 90% (Non-condensing)
Power sourceAC input 100 to 240V (50/60Hz)
  1. Fibers should be applied to ITU-T standard. In case of other fibers, depending on the type of fiber, the optimization of splice program may be needed or the splice result may not be satisfied.
  2. These are references. Depending on the environment and condition, the number vary.
  3. Extinction ratio -36.8dB is measured in the condition that the initial extinction ratio is -40dB and there is the splice with 0.6 degree of rotation offset.
  4. This value is references. Depending on the type of fiber and condition of fiber on splicer, the number can vary.
  5. This value can produce using fully charged brand new battery at room temperature 20 degree C. Depending on the condition of the battery and operation environment, the number can vary.

Standard Package: Fitel S185PM Polarization Maintaining Fusion Splicer- SPL-06-0200

  • Includes AC adapter w/ AC power cord
  • Z stage locks (pr)
  • Spare electrodes (pr)
  • Electrode cleaning disc
  • V-groove cleaning brush
  • User’s manual
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year parts and labor warranty
  • **Fiber Holders sold separately

Accessories and Consumables:

Part NumberDescription
ACC-06-0200160um Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713S-160)
ACC-06-0201250um Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713S-250)
ACC-06-0213300um Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713S-300)
ACC-06-0202400um Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713S-400)
ACC-06-0212550um Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713S-550)
ACC-06-0203650um Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713S-650)
ACC-06-0204900um Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713S-900)
ACC-06-02051300um Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713S-1300)
ACC-06-0214550um Coating BW Fiber Holders (pr) for S185 (S713B-550)
ACC-06-0141S947B Battery for S185
ACC-06-0206S981A AC Adapter for S185
ACC-06-0207Hard Carrying Case for S185 (HCC-12)
CON-06-0070Electrodes for S185 (pr) (ELR-03)

*See datasheet for additional accessories