Refurbished / Used 3SAE EndFace Prep Station I

Large-diameter optical fibers are increasingly important in the development of new optical technologies. Cleaving these fibers for splicing presents many challenges. Low angle offsets and smooth, flat endfaces are required. Many fibers are non-round or have internal structures that interfere with conventional cleaving. With some fibers priced in hundreds of dollars per meter, the length of cutoff scrap must be minimized.

The 3SAE EndFace Prep Station meets these challenges with a novel, polishing-based design. The results are consistent, even for shaped fibers. The endfaces are flat and highly polished. The EPS is not an adapted connector polisher – it is a purpose-built LD fiber preparation unit optimized for splicing applications.

Choose from a selection of standard programs, or create and store a custom program for a specific fiber. Selectable programs ensure repeatable performance and the bright, clear LCD screen guides the user with the correct action for each step. No special skill or “touch” is required – the EPS’s precision fixturing holds the fibers precisely, and the automated system lowers the fibers smoothly onto the adjustable-speed polishing plate. A filtered-air final cleaning/drying system communicates wirelessly to the companion 3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner to synchronize the post-polish cleaning process. When complete, the fiber endfaces are flat, low-angle, and ready for splicing. Less than 2mm of scrap length means less wasted expensive fiber and allows more accurate placement of splices and components.

Product Features:

  • Lowest available cleave angles
  • Less than 2mm scrap fiber
  • No additional fiber handling system required
  • Fiber holder platforms for all fusion splicer manufacturers
  • Operator independent
  • Easy handling
  • No PC required
  • High first pass yield

Technical Specifications

  • Fiber Cladding: 400-1200um
  • Cleave Angle: Typical < 0.30 degree*
  • Fiber Waste: Typical < 2mm
  • Cycle Time: Typically 1-3 minutes for two fibers
  • Power Source: External Supply 12V
  • Dimensions: 19.7” x 13.8” x 8.9”
  • Weight: 3.6kg