Multi-Axis Positioners

3SAE’s Precision Parallel Positioning Stage, the PentaPod®, is a groundbreaking patented Kinematic Multi-Axis Micro Positioning Stage design that seamlessly merges the benefits of both a Parallel stage (Hexapod) and a Serial stage providing an impressive 5/6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF). The PentaPod® is a true “parallel kinematic design” offering extremely high X and Z positional stiffness with minimal crosstalk in all axes.


The X and Z axis have a travel range of >9mm with a measured resolution of <81nm. The XΘ, YΘ axes and ZΘ have a travel range of 17° and 8° respectively with a measured resolution of <2.55µrad.


Unlike a Stewart Platform (aka Hexapod), the PentaPod® is a Singularity free design. This means there are no unachievable positions within the entire available stroke and the stage cannot be bound due to kinematic constraints.


All of the control electronics are embedded into the stage platform. This is possible because the large, external, multi-core, controllers are not needed to avoid the positional singularities and the stage binding of Stewart Platforms.