3SAE PentaPod

Introducing the PentaPod®: Kinematic Multi-Axis Positioning Stage

We are pleased to unveil the PentaPod®, a groundbreaking Kinematic Multi-Axis Positioning Stage by 3SAE Technologies. This innovative stage seamlessly merges the benefits of both a Parallel stage and a Serial stage, delivering an impressive 5/6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF). The PentaPod® features a genuine “parallel kinematic design,” ensuring exceptional positional stiffness and minimal crosstalk across all motion axes.

Key Highlights:

  • Long linear travel of up to 12mm
  • Design resolution of <50nm
  • Angular axes offering a travel range of up to 24 degrees
  • Fine design resolution of <3.4μrad (0.0002°)

Experience unparalleled precision and versatility with the PentaPod® – setting a new standard in multi-axis positioning stages.


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