FITEL S326A Fiber Cleaver

With its ergonomic and light weight design, the S326A cleaver offers the operator the versatility to cleave on a work bench or in the palm of their hand. The reduced lid size and wide opening angle facilitates fiber loading and improves stability resulting in better single and ribbon fiber cleaves. Just pressing the lever completes the fiber cleave and automatically collects the waste. With 24 positions, the long life-time blade achieves 48,000 fiber cleaves.

Product Features:

  • One-step Action
  • Cleave Anywhere! – In Your Palm or on Your Desktop
  • Easy Fiber Loading
  • Simple Operation
  • Durable and Reliable Design
  • Wide Lid Opening
  • Long Blade Life
  • Light Weight (About 30% reduced from previous model)
  • High Capacity Waste Bin

Technical Specifications:

  • Fiber Types: All fiber types, single to 12-fiber ribbons
  • Clad Diameter: 125 μm  (also available for 80 μm)
  • Coating Diameter: 250 to 900 μm for single fiber; 280 to 400 μm thickness for ribbons
  • Cleave Length: Single Fiber: Fixed Length – 10 & 16 mm, Variable Length – 3 to 20 mm, Ribbon Fiber: 10 mm Fixed Length
  • Dimensions/Weight: 93W×79D×56H mm, 250 g

Standard Package:

Part Number Description
CLV-06-0008 S326A One Step Precision Fiber Cleaver
CLV-06-0009 S326S One Step Precision Fiber Cleaver for 80um Fiber