Fiber Optic Cleaning Equipment

At 3SAE Technologies, we emphasize the paramount importance of proper optical fiber cleaning for all fusion splicing and glass processing applications, especially in high-strength fusion splicing, high-power laser combiner and other fiber optic component manufacturing. Clean fiber is the foundation for achieving precise and reliable splices, and it plays a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance of high-power laser systems.


With decades of fusion splicing experience, we meticulously design and build our fiber optic cleaning tools to cater to the specific needs of the fiber optics industry.  Our goal is to offer tools that ensure exceptional fiber optic cleaning results, ease of use, and consistency, optimizing your R&D or manufacturing line fiber optic preparation process.


Among our array of fiber optic cleaning tools, our ultrasonic cleaners stand out as the industry-preferred optical fiber cleaning method. These reliable and versatile cleaners are useful for a wide range of cleaning applications, making them an indispensable asset in any fiber optic setup.


Clean fiber optics is not just a recommendation; it is an essential aspect of high-strength fiber optic fusion splicing and high-power laser combiner manufacturing. Contaminants, dust, and residues can significantly impair the quality of your spliced optical fibers and optical components and compromise the efficiency of high-power laser systems. Proper cleaning is the key to eliminating these issues and ensuring consistent and robust performance in demanding applications.


Experience the unmatched cleaning performance with 3SAE Technologies. Discover how our fiber optic cleaning tools can elevate your fusion splicing projects and bolster the performance of your optical component manufacturing. Trust in our expertise to ensure clean fibers and unparalleled efficiency in all your fiber optic splicing or glass processing applications.