For many years, fiber splice recipe development has been a good source of revenue for fusion splicer manufacturers. Recipe development can cost thousands of dollars depending on the number of fiber combinations and complexity of the splice. Customers who perform their own fiber optimizations have a good understanding as to how time consuming this process can become. Through extensive research, global customer feedback and introduction of the S185 product line, Fitel continues to guide the way to the future of specialty fusion splicing. 


Continuing on this innovative path, we are pleased to announce the launch of FiberBank, the highly anticipated online database system that contains splicing recipes for the FITEL fusion splicer platform. The information available in FiberBank is exclusively available, free of charge, to any customer that purchased the S185, S179 and S124 splicer platform. FiberBank will streamline your R&D and manufacturing efforts as you leverage this first of its kind database. 


The following features are available: 


  • Download fusion splice recipes from database 

  • Download heat oven recipes from database 

  • Download rotation alignment program for PM fusion splicers from database 

  • Send requests for optimizing new fiber or new fiber combinations 


The downloaded recipes can be directly transferred to the fusion Splicing machine by using either the Splice Data Explorer 2 software or a USB memory stick. 


The available information in the FiberBank is applicable for FITEL S185, S179 and S124 fusion splicers. You can access to the FiberBank and create your own account

FiberBank continues to be populated with new qualified recipes as they are developed and qualified. We hope that you find the information available in FiberBank meets your immediate needs.

Should you require a specific fiber combination to be optimized, please do not hesitate to contact your local FITEL distributor or service center.