3SAE's Ring of Fire® technology remains the industry standard for fusion splicing and optical fiber glass processing.

Prior to the development of 3SAE’s patented Ring of Fire® splicing technology, standard fusion splicing tools were unable to accommodate the splicing of fibers larger than 600 microns. The three phase arc design behind Ring of Fire® technology expands the area plasma to accommodate fibers greater than 1 millimeter, twice that of a standard fusion splicer. Below is a brief introduction to Ring of Fire® technology and how it can be used to achieve efficient, high-strength fusion splicing for large diameter fiber & specialty optical fibers. This technology is available in many 3SAE products and supports applications from polyimide coating removal to creating fiber based tapers, end caps, mode field adapters (MFA’s), and optical combiners.

3SAE Technical Paper

High-power, Fused Assemblies Enabled by Advances in Fiber-Processing Technologies (© 2011 SPIE)

The power handling capabilities of fiber lasers are limited by the technologies available to fabricate and assemble the key optical system components. Previous tools for the assembly, tapering, and fusion of fiber laser elements have had drawbacks with regard to temperature range, alignment capability, assembly flexibility and surface contamination. To provide expanded capabilities for fiber laser assembly, a wide-area electrical plasma heat source was used in conjunction with an optimized image analysis method and a flexible alignment system, integrated according to mechatronic principles

3SAE Technical Paper

Large Area Isothermic Plasma for Large Diameter and Specialty Fiber Splicing (© 2007 OSA)

A device is presented that creates a large area plasma for splicing optical fibers. The isothermic thermal properties of the plasma facilitate splicing fibers >1mm in diameter without sacrificing splicing performance of standard fibers