3SAE Fiber Holders

3SAE Technologies offers a wide range of available fiber holders for fiber diameters ranging from 160µm to 2500µm accommodating all of the common fiber clad and fiber coating sizes in the industry. Furthermore, 3SAE fiber holders are designed with a great attention to preserving the fiber integrity while placed and clamped in the holder. 3SAE’s fiber holders are perfectly suited for manufacturing of the high reliability telecom components, fiber laser devices and medical equipment probes.


Rear Lid fiber holders are also available. These types of fiber holders are typically used with Large Diameter Fibers (LDF) to reduce the effect of the tilt angle during splicing. These fiber holders are available from 3SAE Technologies for different LDF fiber sizes.


Refer to 3SAE’s product line page and the links below to explore the different fiber holder options that are available for each of the product types.


3SAE Technologies also offers Custom fiber holders to fit your specific application. Contact 3SAE directly to discuss your unique application needs.



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