3SAE PentaPod® Multi-Axis Positioner

3SAE’s PentaPod® is a groundbreaking Kinematic Multi-Axis Positioning Stage. This innovative stage seamlessly merges the benefits of both a Parallel stage and a Serial stage, delivering an impressive 5/6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF). The PentaPod® features a genuine “parallel kinematic design,” ensuring exceptional positional stiffness and minimal crosstalk across all motion axes. Experience unparalleled precision and versatility with the PentaPod® – setting a new standard in multi-axis positioning.

Key Features:

  • Uses unique, patented, 5-degree of freedom joints that facilitate sub-micron precision motion in 5 or 6 axes.
  • Offers a simple system integration with a single USB connection and no external controller required.
  • Parallel Kinematic design providing exceptional positioning accuracy and stiffness.
  • Software adjustable point of rotation.
  • Small size and low profile without compromising on stroke, precision, or crosstalk.
  • A fraction of the cost and complexity of a comparable Hexapod.

Technical Specifications:

Feature Specification
Travel Range X (mm) 9
Travel Range Y (mm) (optional) 11.5
Travel Range Z (mm) 11.5
Travel Range θX (deg) 17
Travel Range θY (deg) 17
Travel Range θZ (deg) 8
Minimum incremental motion X, Z (um) 0.081
Minimum incremental motion Y (um) 0.054
Minimum incremental motion θX, θZ (urad) 1.7
Minimum incremental motion θY (urad) 2.55
Maximum Velocity X, Z (mm/sec) 2
Maximum Velocity Y (mm/sec) 2.7
Maximum Velocity θX, θY (mrad/sec) 89
Maximum Velocity θZ (mrad/sec) 133
Accuracy X, Y, Z (um) 6
Accuracy θX, θY, θZ (urad) 150
Max centered Load (g) 2000

Standard Package:

  • PentaPod® (5-Axes)- PPD-01-0100
  • PentaPod® (6-Axes)- PPD-01-0105
  • PentaPod® packages include the following:
    • Carriage platform with M3 threaded grid pattern
    • Executable control software
    • USB Type A/C cable
    • Power supply
    • Electronic user’s manual
    • Manufacturer’s 1-year parts and labor warranty

Accessories and Consumables:

Part Number Description
ACC-10-0025 Power Supply 40W 12V Barrel (Thermal Stripper)
CON-10-0035 Power Cord, UL / CSA, Color Black, 6 ft
Multi-Axis Positioning Stage